My New Fashion Love: Pinterest

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I admit I was slow on the uptake. I joke that I would be the perfect queen of anti-social media given my love of solitude (don’t get me wrong, I love my family and friends, but I love my own time too). Eventually, though, I caught wind of the greatest thing since Twitter: Pinterest.

I am totally a visual person. And I admit I can get compulsive at times. Pinterest is a perfect avenue to keep a visual scrapbook of sorts of gorgeous vintage and new things from all over the internets. If you’re curious, please have a look! Now I better get back to pinning.

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“We’re All Mad Here”: Alice in Wonderland Handmade and Vintage

VIntage 1946 book Alice in Wonderland available at junquedejour on Etsy.

Apparently I went a little treasury-wild over the past few days. One thing led to another: I am continually amazed at the talents of the handmade artisans and amazing vintage sellers on Etsy. I found myself thinking of Alice in Wonderland and I was off again.

Go Ask Alice Treasury

What’s there not to love about Lewis Carroll? The literature, talent, good looks? I’m continually fascinated by worlds of fantasy. Alice in Wonderland was a favourite tale of mine as a child (and as an adult!). I love it all, from lost Alice, to the white rabbit, mad hatter and blue catarpiller. I did my best to capture them all here, including some classic Alice illustrations.

x Rena

Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors

One of the fun things about having a venue on Etsy is the ability to make Treasuries. What is a treasury, you ask? Well, it’s a curated list of items from other sellers centred around a theme. The key part is that you’re showcasing items from other sellers, not yourself. Hopefully those featured will check you out too, but that isn’t really the point. The point is to have some fun curating on a theme.

So today I was inspired by the grey rainy day outside here in the Pacific Northwest and it reminded me of my time living in England. Also an avid fan of English literature, windswept rainy moors came to mind, and then I thought of Wuthering Heights. And then the idea came to me to make an Etsy treasury on the theme of ‘Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors’ with some of the wonderful vintage and handmade objects that Etsy sellers have to offer.

I worked for a couple of hours reviewing listings and putting together sixteen listings from different sellers. I’m pretty pleased with the result. Nothing like a bit of vintage literary romance to pick you up on a rainy day! What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Here’s the link to the treasury:
Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors

Romantic chilly days and nights out on the windswept English moors and heaths.

Romantic chilly days and nights out on the windswept English moors and heaths. Please visit robertcrum on Etsy to purchase.

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And stay dry out there on the moors, heaths, or wherever you are! 🙂

x Rena

Fresh Spring Vintage!

After a winter season of hibernation, spring is here! I’ve been out scouting for some spring fresh vintage for you. I have new blouses, skirts and accessories… and more to come soon! Please visit for more fresh vintage.