Vintage Pin Up Girls

Inspired by yesterday’s theme of bullet bras, I thought why not continue with some fabulous vintage 50s pin up girls? I love vintage illustration and the 50s era of fashion, and these capture that feeling so well. I also love tattoos, especially vintage ones, although I confess I don’t have any yet. I have to commit to a design, you see. But I understand why vintage pin up girls remain so popular!

Blonde pin up girl powdering her nose.

‘Say It Again’ by Earl Moran, 1952. Available from The Antique Shop.

B-17 Flying Fortress Pin Up Sign from Jack and Friends.

50s pin up girl with a fabulous chair.

Amazing tattoo of a pin up girl.

The grand finale: a tattooed pin up girl. I’d love to have sleeves like hers!

x Rena


  1. Bettie Page Clothing Summer 2011 line had a reproduction dress that was modeled after the “girl with the fabulous chair”, taking the over-the-top sexpot to ladies who want that vintage feel of dress. I only wished I had snapped one up in my size before the were gone.

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