Pretty Socks

Anna Sui’s 2008 original sock statement on the runway. Are you rocking this look?

You might think I’m mad for writing about socks on the eve of full-time sandal-wearing weather. But guess again. Socks are so hot they’re cool. And what better way than to show them off with your peep toes or even your sandals if you’re bold enough.

Anna Sui socks available from Urban Outfitters.

I admit I have a weakness for fun socks. I don’t usually go for cutesy. But I do enjoy stylish statement socks. Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson do this well.

Cute Betsey Johnson Lingerie Socks. They even come in a nice package.

Agent Provocateur socks ready for spring.

If you’re feeling a bit more DIY than ready-to-wear, you can knit up a pair of your own socks or stockings.

Love Socks pattern by Devon Clement available on Ravelry.

Longing for Spring Socks pattern by Friederike Erbslein.

And the grand finale of the spring sock handmade pattern list is by Lisa Whiting for Vogue Knitting. I’d love to make these!

Lisa Whiting bird socks, front view, pattern available on Ravelry.

Lisa Whiting Bird socks, rear view.

Until tomorrow! Keep your toes warm till then.

x Rena

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  1. So many cute socks. Makes me wish it wasn’t already flip flop weather where I live!

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