Playful Fashion: Kate Spade

‘All Typed Up Clyde’ by Kate Spade 2010.

What better way to liven up a quiet Monday night with a bit of playful fashion by Kate Spade? She is undoubtedly one of my favourite designers out there with her characteristic sense of fun. I just want to share a few of my favourite Kate Spade things with you.

Armadillo Handbag by Kate Spade from Nordstrom’s.

Keeping with the theme of the wild animal kingdom…

Kate Spade Owl Bag.

And turning to the wold of flora…

‘Melinda’ vinyl satchel by Kate Spade.

And moving onto covers for  your technology…

Kate Spade’s ‘Chit Chat’ retro phone iPhone case.

For your iPad…

Kate Spade newsprint iPad case from 2011.

And finally, some flirty fun with a hat for that spring sunshine…

New York Sun Hat by Kate Spade.

… and a brolly for those spring showers.

‘City Lights Umbrella’ by Kate Spade. Covet.

Till tomorrow!

x Rena


  1. Totally Kate!! Great picks!

  2. I love Kate. She’s great at mixing fun and classic.

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