What’s Your Favourite Decade in Vintage Fashion?

Here’s a hint of my favourite decade. Source: TheVintageDesignShop.

Who doesn’t like a bit of audience participation now and then? Here’s a bit of vintage fashion fun for you to join in on with our poll below.

What’s your favourite decade in vintage fashion? Please share why in the comments! Your suggestions may give rise to future blog posts! I’ll go first…

x Rena


  1. Love the 60s! Fashion changed so much from the full skirted dresses at the start of the decade to the mod looks by the end of the decade. Great fun!

  2. I have more than one “favorite” era, depending on what kind of item I’m looking for. If it’s daytime clothing I like wiggle and sheath dresses from the 50s and early 60s, for special occasion getups I like the glamour of the 30s, and for jewelry I love Art Deco more than anything else. It’s impossible to narrow it down.

  3. I wish my mom never gave anything away!!

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