Shop News: Do You Want Exclusive Offers on Vintage?

60s vintage party dress available at TheVintageDesignShop.

If your answer is oh yes, please like our Facebook page! TheVintageDesignShop has indie vintage fashions, sewing patterns, decor + design items. You can either click on this page here in the Facebook sidebar box or go directly to TheVintageDesignShop’s Facebook page. Here you’ll receive updates about shop news, new arrivals – and of course, as promised exclusive offers on vintage offers for our Facebook fans. Why not go check it out right now to see what’s up? If you thought our 15% off everything Spring Vintage Sale is good, you’ll love this!

50s princess dress sewing pattern available from TheVintageDesignShop.

And if you’re into Twitter, I love to tweet! It’s strangely addicting. You can follow us at Twitter and you can see what sort of shenanigans I get up to… and shop news too, of course.

Finally, I have one last bit of shop news to share today. I’m going to start listing new vintage items on Sundays only, so you can expect new things added to the shop each Sunday! How organized is that? Visit us on Sundays if you’re keen, or otherwise during the week is just as welcome!

Please like / follow us! Happy Thursday one and all!

x Rena

PS – If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account you’d like to share, you’re welcome to leave details in the comments! I follow back. 🙂

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