Rogue Henna: Did Somebody Say Rouge?

So I’m having a birthday soon. Real soon, actually, now that I think about it. Only seven sleeps! And I’m halfway to a milestone birthday, *mumble*-something years old. My Mom asked me today what I want for my birthday, and there’s always the usual – clothes, yarn, fabric. A pony. An all expenses trip to Europe, ha. Thanks Mom! Just kidding of course… but hold that thought about the birthday wishes.

Hi world, I can see you now… note that hair colour!

Seriously though, my Mom has had another recent good point. My hair does need some attention. I gave my fringe a trim tonight so I can view the world again. Which is admittedly useful. So score one for Mom. Bonus: self-trims are free! Another Mom-point – the silvers are, ah, making a comeback, shall we say. Even I can see it’s getting out of hand and Something Must Be Done.

I do love going down to Toni and Guy and letting them massage my scalp and clip long layers into my thick mane. My hair is nothing if not thick. Maddeningly thick. And it has a natural curl that the length manages to keep under control, otherwise… well, let’s not even go there. I’m feeling unfaithful to my lovely stylist people down there for even thinking about this, but I’m wondering if I can combine a couple of ideas:

♥ My long held desire for dark auburn hair.

♥ Henna – a way to have fun with colour without all the synthetic chemicals.

Brilliant combination of ideas, no? I think I will try to put them together this weekend in time for the birthday festivities. Because it’s always a good idea to make an effort to look presentable ahead of the inevitable birthday photos. Yes Mom, I’m talking to you. I want the dark auburn hair for my birthday, the non-toxic way. And that pony!

I’ll let you know how things develop, but I foresee a trip tomorrow to Lush. Where I will acquire the Caca Rouge Mama. Aptly named because I will need to conscript my Mama to slop henna on my head with great abandon, then wrap that sucker up in plastic wrap overnight and check out the results on Sunday morning. Hey, I could be auburn just in time for Sunday’s vintage listing party and my birthday! What fun.

x Rena

PS – And yes, I’m fully prepared that I may only get some reddish highlights given my dark hair… do you have any henna experiences that you’d like to share?


  1. I used red henna in high school when I had long hair – I always liked that it sort of glowed, especially in the sun – but did NOT like that I had henna seeds on my pillow and in my comb for days afterward no matter how well I washed my hair! Beware the clothing and the towels for the stains will not come out!

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