I’m an archaeologist by day and conflicted vintage-loving tomboy closet fashionista. Whew.

Vintage objects always have a story to share. I believe in reusing things and giving them a second lease on life, especially with 21st century creative flair and style. I love searching for vintage finds at auction houses, estate sales, thrift shops, garage sales – anywhere goes! I’m excited to share what I find with you.

My interests include fashion and sewing, vintage, graphic design, architecture and home decor. I have worked professionally as a curator, researcher and exhibitions registrar in heritage and contemporary galleries including the Design Museum, London, UK, Parks Canada, and private consultancies.

I’m the sole owner / operator of TheVintageDesignShop and I wear many hats! Vintage sleuth, researcher, stylist, photographer, writer, as well as customer service, marketing, inventory, listings, wrapping and shipping packages – I do it all as my second full time job. I’m always on the lookout for vintage design finds and I love researching new items, from fashion, decor and graphics. I’m also trying to get a grip on this whole social media thing… and it turns out I love writing and blogging too. Please visit again soon!

x Rena


Vancouver, BC, Canada

❀ Blog: http://thevintagedesignshop.com

❀ Etsy: http://thevintagedesignshop.etsy.com

❀ Twitter: http://twitter.com/theVDS

❀ E-mail: thevintagedesignshop@gmail.com

❀ Blog Features:



  1. Hey 🙂
    I just found you blog but I want to tell you that I think you have a very unique blog and that I really like it 🙂 I’m following you!
    Please check my blog if you like: http://stylishrogue.wordpress.com/

    xoxo Andreia

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