Retro-Style Fitted Bloomers

Fitted bloomers.

Keeping with the recent theme of spring accessories and fine underthings, today’s post is all about fitted retro-style bloomers. There are so many fun choices out there!

Bloomers by Free People.

Bloomers were popularized during the Victorian times by a Ms. Bloomer who simply wanted to ride her bicycle and needed appropriate underthings to do so. Today, you can still find bloomers ranging from knee length to hipster short length.

Sofia Bloomer by Undrest.

There’s even some fabulous bloomers to go with your steampunk outfits.

Steampunk bloomers by RomanyRapture.

And some more pretty bloomers…

Pretty bloomers.

Find some bloomers to go with your favourite spring dress. The best part is that they’re your secret unless you want to share!

x Rena


Vintage Bullet Bras and Bloomers: Admire, Sew and Even Knit

Those vintage babes had some impressive bras and underthings. Their unmentionables are what gave their outfits such polished, structured looks. I can’t get over the bullet bras. Breasts were pointy back in the olden days.

You can even get her as a mousepad!


Undergarments for knitting by fab40s!

With a bit of hunting, you can still occasionally find corsets and girdles to get that 50s silhouette with your vintage dresses.


Vintage 50s pin up corset available from oldgoldvintage on Etsy.

If you’re into sewing, there are some fabulous patterns to get that look or vintage feel.


40s bra pattern, one of several, available  from mrsdepew on Etsy.


Gorgeous Colette Patterns Madeleine Bloomers available as a free tutorial.

And for even more fun, there’s this adorable bloomers pattern by Colette Patterns. I confess I made a pair myself, and I might need to make another very soon!

x Rena