Hello world!

Welcome to our new blog home on the intraweb. For a variety of reasons we’ve made the switch to WordPress and we expect to be very happy here.

In shop news, I have so many new items to list you would not believe me if I told you. Stay tuned over the coming weeks, as new items will steadily appear in thevintagedesignshop’s Etsy store. I have lots of fall clothing for the upcoming change in seasons. I also have patterns, patterns everywhere waiting for checking and listing. There’s homewares of plenty and also design books lurking in the wings. Suffice it to say that there should be something for everyone.

One of my favourite parts of vintage is researching items. I love vintage illustrations, whether it’s a catalogue or pattern or book. I just have to share a couple images with you from a 1930s Eaton’s catalogue.

Footwear fashion now, then, and again.

And I had to include this amazing schematic drawing of women’s undergarments from the 1930s. Amazing.

Do you have a favourite decade in fashion? I find it so hard to chose, but the 1930s and the late 50s and early 60s are definitely favourites.

Till next time!

x Rena