Vintage Sneak Peek

I thought it would be fun to do another sneak peek. Tomorrow’s the kick off for my plan to list new shop items only on Sundays. So, if it’s Sunday, you can know that there will be new vintage for you at TheVintageDesignShop. This will give me the week to prepare the vintage for the Sunday reveal. Tomorrow I’ll do another post with the items all revealed at last.

Till tomorrow! Now back to the photo editing…

x Rena

Shop News: Do You Want Exclusive Offers on Vintage?

60s vintage party dress available at TheVintageDesignShop.

If your answer is oh yes, please like our Facebook page! TheVintageDesignShop has indie vintage fashions, sewing patterns, decor + design items. You can either click on this page here in the Facebook sidebar box or go directly to TheVintageDesignShop’s Facebook page. Here you’ll receive updates about shop news, new arrivals – and of course, as promised exclusive offers on vintage offers for our Facebook fans. Why not go check it out right now to see what’s up? If you thought our 15% off everything Spring Vintage Sale is good, you’ll love this!

50s princess dress sewing pattern available from TheVintageDesignShop.

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Finally, I have one last bit of shop news to share today. I’m going to start listing new vintage items on Sundays only, so you can expect new things added to the shop each Sunday! How organized is that? Visit us on Sundays if you’re keen, or otherwise during the week is just as welcome!

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x Rena

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Vintage Dresses for You

Orange 60s floral sack dress.

70s floral sundress.

70s purple lace dress.

Vintage 60s party dress.

Okay, it has been a while since I’ve updated you on vintage fashions in the Etsy shop. I have a few new and favourite items to share. We have some great dresses and skirts to get into the spring summer 2012 spirit. There are some great florals and colours keeping with the season’s trends.

Please visit TheVintageDesignShop for more vintage! You can see more in our Dress + Skirt Shop. Do you have a favourite?

x Rena

Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors

One of the fun things about having a venue on Etsy is the ability to make Treasuries. What is a treasury, you ask? Well, it’s a curated list of items from other sellers centred around a theme. The key part is that you’re showcasing items from other sellers, not yourself. Hopefully those featured will check you out too, but that isn’t really the point. The point is to have some fun curating on a theme.

So today I was inspired by the grey rainy day outside here in the Pacific Northwest and it reminded me of my time living in England. Also an avid fan of English literature, windswept rainy moors came to mind, and then I thought of Wuthering Heights. And then the idea came to me to make an Etsy treasury on the theme of ‘Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors’ with some of the wonderful vintage and handmade objects that Etsy sellers have to offer.

I worked for a couple of hours reviewing listings and putting together sixteen listings from different sellers. I’m pretty pleased with the result. Nothing like a bit of vintage literary romance to pick you up on a rainy day! What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Here’s the link to the treasury:
Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors

Romantic chilly days and nights out on the windswept English moors and heaths.

Romantic chilly days and nights out on the windswept English moors and heaths. Please visit robertcrum on Etsy to purchase.

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And stay dry out there on the moors, heaths, or wherever you are! 🙂

x Rena