Cue Autumn

A change of seasons is upon us. I was driving along last week when I thought my truck was under attack. Strange green, brown and yellow things kept hitting my windscreen. Belatedly I realized what they were: leaves. Even now, looking out my window I can see golden leaves amid the green. The seasons are undeniably changing with the crisp tinge to the air.

Although I’m sorry to see summer go, I do love fall (or autumn, if you prefer). I love wearing layers of warm clothes and the fall fashions. I also love boots and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to wear them again and not be seen as strange for doing so in the height of summer.

So with the theme of autumn-love, there will be a parade of fall / winter fashions for your selection. I have full length coats, which were popular last year, woolen cardigans and pullovers and other goodies. The beauty with vintage is that you can find a statement piece as well as give new life to a garment.

Check out below for some inspiration ideas… and keep warm out there.