“We’re All Mad Here”: Alice in Wonderland Handmade and Vintage


VIntage 1946 book Alice in Wonderland available at junquedejour on Etsy.

Apparently I went a little treasury-wild over the past few days. One thing led to another: I am continually amazed at the talents of the handmade artisans and amazing vintage sellers on Etsy. I found myself thinking of Alice in Wonderland and I was off again.

Go Ask Alice Treasury

What’s there not to love about Lewis Carroll? The literature, talent, good looks? I’m continually fascinated by worlds of fantasy. Alice in Wonderland was a favourite tale of mine as a child (and as an adult!). I love it all, from lost Alice, to the white rabbit, mad hatter and blue catarpiller. I did my best to capture them all here, including some classic Alice illustrations.

x Rena