Vintage Sneak Peek!

Yes, it’s that time of the week again where you get your vintage sneak peek ahead of Sunday’s listing festivities at TheVintageDesignShop. Try and figure out what the pieces are. 🙂

x Rena

Vintage Sneak Peek and About TheVintageDesignShop

Time for our weekly Vintage Sneak Peek of upcoming listings in our shop this Sunday. And check out the link below for the new TheVintageDesignShop About Page on Etsy.

As promised, we have a new About page – check it out! 🙂

Visit TheVintageDesignShop’s About page on Etsy to learn more about the shop!

x Rena

Vintage Sneak Peek!

Hmm, what can it be?

Vintage flowers.


Vintage birds.


Vintage ruffles.


More vintage flowers.


Vintage patterns.

A Vintage Sneak Peek

What could it be?

Fringe and brocade.

Here’s a vintage sneak peak of what’s coming to the shop this Sunday, 2 June 2012 for my weekly listing spree. I have solids and polka dots, graphic prints and brocade – and did I mention fringe? In the meantime, the shop’s always open with last Sunday’s listings and other vintage goodies at TheVintageDesignShop.

Polka dots and buttons.

x Rena

Vintage Sneak Peek

I thought it would be fun to do another sneak peek. Tomorrow’s the kick off for my plan to list new shop items only on Sundays. So, if it’s Sunday, you can know that there will be new vintage for you at TheVintageDesignShop. This will give me the week to prepare the vintage for the Sunday reveal. Tomorrow I’ll do another post with the items all revealed at last.

Till tomorrow! Now back to the photo editing…

x Rena