Vintage Sneak Peek!

Yes, it’s that time of the week again where you get your vintage sneak peek ahead of Sunday’s listing festivities at TheVintageDesignShop. Try and figure out what the pieces are. 🙂

x Rena

Fresh Vintage in the Shop: 17 June 2012

50s appliqued tulips dress.

Here’s this week’s round of newly stocked vintage at TheVintageDesignShop! I have truly covered most decades this time around, from 50s to 90s vintage dresses, and vintage sewing patterns from the 30s to 40s. Click on the image to go to the listing details. Please enjoy!

x Rena

50s floral dress.

Vintage 90s cream floral garden party dress.

80s striped dress perfect for summer.

Vintage 90s blue gingham shift dress by Guess.

Vintage 80s steampunk crushed velvet dress.

Vintage 90s grunge black polka dot dress.

Vintage 70s gingham shirt

30s Vogue coat vintage sewing pattern.

Vintage 40s blouse vintage sewing pattern.

40s skirt vintage sewing pattern.

Vintage 30s sewing pattern by Hollywood Patterns.

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60s vintage party dress available at TheVintageDesignShop.

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50s princess dress sewing pattern available from TheVintageDesignShop.

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