Retro-Style Fitted Bloomers

Fitted bloomers.

Keeping with the recent theme of spring accessories and fine underthings, today’s post is all about fitted retro-style bloomers. There are so many fun choices out there!

Bloomers by Free People.

Bloomers were popularized during the Victorian times by a Ms. Bloomer who simply wanted to ride her bicycle and needed appropriate underthings to do so. Today, you can still find bloomers ranging from knee length to hipster short length.

Sofia Bloomer by Undrest.

There’s even some fabulous bloomers to go with your steampunk outfits.

Steampunk bloomers by RomanyRapture.

And some more pretty bloomers…

Pretty bloomers.

Find some bloomers to go with your favourite spring dress. The best part is that they’re your secret unless you want to share!

x Rena

Vintage Victorian Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk style.

The Victorians had it going on in fashion and science – and the Steampunk trend is a nod to their prowess. The peak of the Victorian times is debatedly the Crystal Palace Great Exhibition back in 1851 in London, England displaying the most cutting edge innovations in science and technology arising from the Industrial Revoloution. The Victorians were true innovators in science in their day. Did you know that I’m a scientist too? And I also have a love of Victorians and Steampunk.  The Steampunk movement pays homage to the Victorian love of mechanical workings, Victorian fashion, and a twist of future-inspired fantasy.

The original Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London.

As you’re probably starting to realize by now, I have an eclectic fashion sense. I admire the Steampunk movement for its rock and roll approach to interpreting what Victorian fashion would look like in the future. Steampunk fashion is nothing if not playful and also tinged with romance, something which I confess to being a bit of a sucker for.

Steampunk dress available from melaniegail.

Steampunk dress available from KMKdesignsllc.

Let’s not forget the Steampunk men’s apparel either!

Steampunk men’s vest by KMKdesignsllc.

Steampunk tuxedo available from MacheteNSons.

Genuine Victorian clothes are difficult to come by these days, although not impossible if you keep a keen eye on the internets. Here’s a couple of beautiful things for you to consider.

Gorgeous Victorian jacket from dakotasvintage.

Victorian walking dress from PomPomClothing.

Elegant Victorian Dress from stairwaytovintage.

If you’re handy around a sewing machine, there are some excellent patterns to try out to get that Victorian Steampunk look you’re after. Why not consider:

Misses Steampunk dress, Simplicity 2207.

Or if you’re a knitter, you can always put your needles toward making your own Victorian cape based on an 1850s knitting pattern.

Victorian knitted cape, pattern available from knittydebbie.

Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors

One of the fun things about having a venue on Etsy is the ability to make Treasuries. What is a treasury, you ask? Well, it’s a curated list of items from other sellers centred around a theme. The key part is that you’re showcasing items from other sellers, not yourself. Hopefully those featured will check you out too, but that isn’t really the point. The point is to have some fun curating on a theme.

So today I was inspired by the grey rainy day outside here in the Pacific Northwest and it reminded me of my time living in England. Also an avid fan of English literature, windswept rainy moors came to mind, and then I thought of Wuthering Heights. And then the idea came to me to make an Etsy treasury on the theme of ‘Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors’ with some of the wonderful vintage and handmade objects that Etsy sellers have to offer.

I worked for a couple of hours reviewing listings and putting together sixteen listings from different sellers. I’m pretty pleased with the result. Nothing like a bit of vintage literary romance to pick you up on a rainy day! What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Here’s the link to the treasury:
Heathcliff and Catherine on the Windswept Moors

Romantic chilly days and nights out on the windswept English moors and heaths.

Romantic chilly days and nights out on the windswept English moors and heaths. Please visit robertcrum on Etsy to purchase.

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And stay dry out there on the moors, heaths, or wherever you are! 🙂

x Rena